Maggie Edwards

Posted on Aug 10, 2015
Who she is:
Maggie is a 2015 graduate from the University of Georgia’s Furnishings & Interiors program. After attending a lecture by Courtney and running into her twice more, the two saw an opportunity for Maggie to shine with Bell. In addition to getting first-hand experience with custom projects, she’s also learning the ins and outs of volume installation and design.
What she likes:
Maggie’s DIY motto is “Just sand off what you don’t like, change the finish and hardware and you have a piece that’s totally you.” A devotee of calming colors with metallic accents, she describes her style as costal modern and loves to create big statements with simplicity and petite detailing.

Where you’ll find her:
Because Bell prides itself on giving designers the tools and opportunities they need to dream and define their style, Maggie is training on all sorts of builds. “So much of this business is just learning by doing so I’m determined to help out wherever I can.”, she adds.
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